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Craftsmanship is at home here.

Swiss made

For over 150 years, BICO has been a steadfast part of the Swiss economy in the production of mattresses and frames in Schänis.

BICO is the epitome of Swiss product quality, manufacturing competency and reliability in the daily dealings with trade partners and customers.

Our mattresses and frames are manufactured at our production sites in Schänis.

We are proud to say that the majority of the mattress cores and covers are manufactured and upholstered in Switzerland. This takes place in conjunction with our long-term partners, with whom we have built a trusting business relationship – an important part of BICO's partnership philosophy. 


Who doesn't know the legendary slogan in Swiss advertising history: "For a deep and healthy sleep." Setting ourselves apart through innovation was an important company cornerstone from the outset. This formed the basis on which upholsterer Meinrad Birchler founded a company in 1861 in Reichenburg in the canton of Schwyz that produced quilting cotton using hydroelectric power. Many new and daring ideas have led to the business being expanded continuously and successfully: from the kapok machine, to the manufacture of entire mattresses, to frames. 

BICO hit a significant milestone in 1962 with the launch of "Isabelle", the prototype for the modern, innerspring-less mattress. The operation snowballed from these successes and the small sewing workshop of the sixties, with a daily capacity of ten mattresses, developed into a modern industrial enterprise, with a production capacity of up to 800 mattresses per day. 


Meinrad Birchler founds the company Birchler & Co. in Reichenburg in the canton of Schwyz, a factory manufacturing quilting cotton using hydroelectric power on two carding machines. The rapid success quickly leads to expansion of the range to mattress wool and glued and unglued cotton wadding.

1939 - 1945

The company Bamert AG begins producing frames in 1939 in Tuggen.

Birchler & Co is able to withstand the difficult years of crisis and war and reports successful years of full employment from 1946.


Successful launching of "Isabelle", the prototype of the modern, innerspring-less mattress.


The introduction of the new bico-flex® frame represents an innovation. The new headquarters of the up-and-coming business opens in Schänis. The plant in Reichenburg is expanded and modernised as the branch for manufacturing mattress wool.


First broadcasting of the BICO campaign "For a deep and healthy sleep" with the Müller twins.


Sale of BICO Birchler & Co. by the founding family to the current Valora AG.


For its 140th anniversary, the new generation bico-flex® with a groundbreaking spring made using glass fibre reinforced plastic is launched.

Acquisition of BICO AG by the Swedish bed manufacturer Hilding Anders AB.



After 40 years and five product optimisations, the one millionth "Isabelle" mattress is supplied.


BICO celebrates its 150th anniversary. 150 years of passion for a deep and healthy sleep and continuous striving for the highest level of quality and collaborative partnership.


Merger of various companies with Hilding Anders AB, the third largest manufacturer of beds in Europe and Asia.


Ten years of perfect bed climate with ClimaLuxe®


New development of VitaLuxe® for peak performance every day.

Partnership with Ottmar Hitzfeld.


"Most Trusted Brand" in Switzerland

Swiss consumers chose BICO as the most trusted brand in the "Mattress" category for the fifth time in a row.


In its 155th year of existence, BICO reinvents itself and launches a completely new range under the maxim of the four Bs, for the best sleep comfort: BICO ergonomics, BICO bed hygiene, BICO bed climate and BICO durability.